Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cold Weather Ethernet Cable What Are All The Things That Can Damage An Ethernet Cable.?

What are all the things that can damage an ethernet cable.? - cold weather ethernet cable

I have my Ethernet cable, which is limited by this storage area in my house up there, and that the law in my house ... because it is not like the air from the outside and Poarta rectangular openings in the roof will be closed.

I wondered if the cold or heat, it can be damaged. Are also only saw a mouse in the mice did not chew the cable works? The cable should be increased in order to hang it on the wall or should I say mouse traps or something. How do I protect the cable?

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Anonymous said...

Heat and cold should not affect would be. The distance can, but I think there should be no problem at home. Of course, a mouse chewing on the cable is not good ...

Do you have a wireless network via Ethernet cable?

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