Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rory Merry The Merry Pranksters Keep Sabotaging Rory Emerald's Profile On Wikipedia. Is "Wikipedia" A Legitimate Source?

The Merry Pranksters keep sabotaging Rory Emerald's profile on Wikipedia. Is "Wikipedia" a legitimate source? - rory merry

Wikkipedia can be an excellent starting point for finding information about something, but not used as the only source. Most teachers do not accept / professors, she as a source.


GuitarPl... said...

Perhaps, but for example, if you will be a research for school or something, is not recommended to use the information with all our might. Many teachers do not let students use Wikipedia for their work

kainaw said...

There is no Wikipedia article on "Rory Emerald. There is no user on Wikipedia as" Rory Emerald. How this "keep sabotaging Merry Pranksters" something that does not exist? Or place in the fantasy world of people who claim they were arrested by editing Wikipedia inhabited?

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